Listening to Rattle On by Belfountain conjures images that transports the listener to a journey of epic proportions across the country. We follow a mysterious figure as they encounter challenges along the path. They hold on tight because of a loved one, but are slowly draining away as time goes by. It’s a classic story executed well and should put everyone on notice. 

Belfountain is the alt-folk project of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and JUNO Award-winning producer Chris Graham. It is the second single from his upcoming album Some Hearts which will be out soon. Graham’s production for this song gives it a modernized country-folk vibe, like a cowboy wandering the country with a truck serving as his trusty steed. The song is about being resilient and moving past the difficulties in life and the coming of old age. Your bones might start rattling with the miles, but you gotta keep moving forward.

The song starts as a brooding western which then gradually evolves to something more. The energy elevates with sweet harmonies as the chorus comes in, representing our narrator’s drive to continue on their difficult path. Their time might be draining away, but never their love and their resolve. 

Rattle On is simply a taste of what’s to come for Belfountain, and we can’t wait for what he has more to offer in the coming months.

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