California-based singer songwriter and producer Kyle Hilmoe, known as Bearbonez, has released his latest single, “Don’t Look Back”, an 80’s-inspired rock tune that pays respect to iconic and prominent bands, such as The Cars and The Psychedelic Furs. It manages to sound nostalgic, yet fresh to the ears at the same time. Described by the artist as having a “weird sci-fi quality,” the song’s influence from 80’s English rock bands serve as the guiding light for its creation, and its blend of complex and simple chord progressions shows just how much mastery Hilmoe has over his soundscape.

For this track, it goes way, way back to the 80’s; a time where synths were used as the foundational element for songs instead of the drumbeats that we’re usually used to. This gives it its nostalgic feeling, however what makes it distinct is the utilisation of every other element in a way that complements the synths and stands beside them, instead of working separately. This lends the song its trance-inducing sonic landscape that makes it quite addictive. The production by Hilmoe was also done perfectly, letting all of the track’s elements, especially his smooth vocals, take to the stage without being drowned out by each other’s presence.

If you’re in need of a blast from the past that still finds a way to stay new and fresh, then Bearbonez has just the song for you. Stream “Don’t Look Back” now on all streaming platforms.

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