Bearbonez releases a Dune-inspired indie rock banger in their single Crysknife. The California-based songwriter and producer’s love for the highly influential sci-fi book series by Frank Herbert is clear as day, seeing how many of his work references it. The franchise has also had part 2 of its film adaptation released early this year, so this song is still quite relevant in the cultural zeitgeist. The title is a reference to the knife used by the Fremen–the native inhabitants of the Dune planet Arrakis, which are taken from the massive sandworms that terrorize its sands. 

Crysknife is narrated from the perspective of God Emperor Leto II, a character who is introduced later in the books. It captures the conflict that they are embroiled in, as they foresee the deteriorating future of humanity while also seeing what caused them in the past. This idea is especially poignant for our world today.

Musically, Bearbonez was also inspired by David Bowie’s Blackstar–an album that was quite late in the renowned artist’s career but still as imaginative and ambitious in its depiction of the fantastical and otherworldly. Bearbonez has married the two influences together, creating a space rock epic that captures the mystical allure of Dune along with its drama and romance. Check this masterpiece out, and may your knife never chip and shatter.

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