Lili Trifilio’s sound has gotten a long way, graduating from bedroom pop tunes to now headlining her four-piece band, Beach Bunny’s new album is filled with short and sweet pop-rock tunes that tackles on the varying stages of a relationship, from the brilliant highs to the bitter lows. Honeymoon showcases the singer-songwriter in full bloom. 

Accompanied by Jonathan Alvarado (drums), Matt Henkels(Guitar) and Anthony Vaccaro(Bass) to fill out their sound. Trifilio puts her heart on her sleeve and invites everyone to take a look. Her unbridled honesty and charm fills the album with the grief of past relationships and the thrill of starting a new one.

“Promises” starts the story off with an old breakup, where remnants of a past relationship are still within view, along with the conflicting thoughts that come with it as she sings “Part of me still wants you / Part of me still hates you”.

Trifilio’s feelings are very transparent in “April”, the wistful melody is perfect for this surf-rock ballad as she questions how it all went wrong. She mourns with her haunting voice as she sings “I think about you a lot / And maybe I am just an afterthought”.

“Rearview” is a stripped down song about insecurity, and partnered up with “Ms. California” — a pop rock tune filled with hooks that’s reminiscent of pre-corporate Taylor Swift, Trifilio paints a picture of her distress as the songs move from anxious rumination to resentful vexation.  

“Colorblind” smashes the door in with her frustration, the guitars go full blast on the chorus, with anthemic vocals and shimmering riffs akin to Paramore. “Racetrack” is a slow and solemn lullaby accompanied by distorted keys in flowing arpeggio. A slow waltz that laments how always she’s always in second place. 

The final two tracks take on a more positive and cheerful note, in complete contrast with the previous ones. “Dream boy” is filled with enthusiasm and charm. The verses resemble a theatre-esque melody that tells the story of meeting someone new, while the chorus is full of hooks that brightens the scene. It’s an ode to young love and the cautious apprehension that comes with it. 

“Cloud 9” takes it a step further and we finally get to the “Honeymoon” phase of the album. The skies turn a lighter shade of blue and clouds turn away as the lyrics are filled with references to flying. “But when he loves me, I feel like I’m floating / When he calls me pretty, I feel like somebody”, Trifilio proclaims, resolving the entire album with a happy ending. 

Beach Bunny’s first full length album is a treat from start to finish. Trifilio’s unique voice and songwriting prowess shines through as they manage to balance catchy pop-punk romps with painfully honest lyrics. “Honeymoon” is a package for every mood. With 9 tracks in its 25 runtime, each song affirms its point perfectly and leaves you wanting for a little more, a testament to the band’s masterful pop sensibilities. I can’t wait for what they come up with next.

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