Have a listen to the first single by independent singer-songwriter BANG and their first single Turn Slow. As a fan of Bon Iver and their first album “For Emma, Forever Ago”, Turn Slow is a nostalgic and endearing track that elicits similar emotions. The slow, almost meditative cadence of the song added with the falsetto harmonies and the sounds of nature gives it a relaxing vibe. On the other hand, the presence of modern electronic synths and drum loops puts it in a fresher, more timely perspective. 

Indeed, Turn Slow has the versatility to be listened to as a meditation piece or a study companion. The tempo can easily lull the listener into a healthy breathing rhythm and the sounds of nature at the end is a perfect choice. The transition from electronic to natural feels like escaping to nature after a hectic workday spent in a fluorescent-lit cubicle.

Turn Slow was written, recorded, and produced solely by BANG, showing lots of promise in their mastery and craft. The fact that the song was derived mostly from South Asian soundscapes and daily life makes it very easy to connect to in a deeply relaxing way. It’s the kind of human experience you can’t get with any AI tech, and that’s the music we should all long for.

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