Solo synthpop artist Bad Bubble pours their heart out on their latest single This is for Priscilla. When stripped down, this is a romantic ballad calling for a loved one to return. Bad Bubble has painted their overwhelming sentiment with a vivid mix of synths and harmonies. The song is dynamic as it is expressive. Fleeting synths glisten like curtains blowing in the wind. The droning piano harmony provides a warm bed for the vocals to express themselves, and express they did. The layers of vocal harmonies double down on the pain and sentiment. Missing someone leaves a person hollow, and that too is represented through the negative space that widely expands as Bad Bubble belts out his sorrow.

Ever the prolific artist, Bad Bubble has amassed a huge body of work which is available on YouTube. He has also gained a lot of radio spots which should also grow organically as he continues to put out these heartfelt bangers. With complete creative control over the writing, instruments, recording and synth programming, listeners should expect a wildly experimental yet genuine experience from this talented artist.

This is for Priscilla is a triumph of personal expression. Bad Bubble has crafted a style that is unapologetically himself, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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