Solo artist Bad Bubble takes us to an ethereal, dreamlike landscape with his newest song, “Hozar”. Known for his mastery of combining eighties nostalgia with cosmic ambience, Bad Bubble displays this well with this new single. It’s dreamy and almost psychedelic in nature, with all of its elements cohesively coordinating with one another to form a singular amalgamation that can be best described as simply a work of art. And to think that the artist did all of this by himself is outstanding and is definitely a testament to his talent and passion.

The song’s instrumental feels as though it has a radio-like, retro vibe to it. Its bass is subtle, yet at the same time becomes the track’s beating heart. It feels like those late-night drives, speeding on the freeway while the trails of the streetlights pass by and meld into a blur. Bad Bubble’s own layered, echoey vocals blend into the instruments as well, further plunging you deeper into the dreamlike state that it brings. The song from start to finish makes you feel as if you’re levitating in a sea of moonlit clouds, blurring the neon cities on the ground that we’re so used to. It’s the escape from reality that we so desperately need.

Bad Bubble knows how to turn his craft into a new experience for his listeners, and we’re just left in complete awe over his mastery of musical art, with this new release being no different.  “Hozar” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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