Autosuggestion makes a triumphant return with their latest single Senseless. The UK post-punk outfit was waylaid by the lockdowns and had to disperse to various parts of Europe, causing delays in production. Now they’re back and in tip-top shape, ready to carry the torch passed on by the post-punk greats. 

Senseless is about someone being forced to stay still and unchanged, leading to a feeling of numbness and frustration. Inspired by the experience of a challenging illness, in it we see the narrator’s struggle to find meaning in their helpless state. The line “Keep an eye on me, I am a burden” provides a stark depiction of their state of mind.

The music is just as impactful as the lyrics it supports, making the song better than the sum of its parts. The interweaving riffs along with the shuffling drums is impressive on a technical level but even more so as it depicts the winding mental state of the narrator. The slow drawl of the vocals is as much tradition as it is purposeful, creating a vivid image of a person in a deeply Senseless state. Autosuggestion manages to coalesce an entire harrowing ordeal and solidify it into sonic form–something to experience and sympathize with. With acts like these, it’s safe to say that modern post-punk is in good hands.

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