Tsunamiz – Baile Punk

Get ready to have your mind blown by the most epic song of the year – ‘Baile Punk’ by Bruno Sobral’s alter ego, Tsunamiz! This anthemic masterpiece is a battle cry for sexual freedom, a defiant rejection of societal norms, and a celebration of unbridled self-expression. From the opening chords, you’ll be hooked by the […]

49 Burning Condors – Black Waters

“Black Waters” by 49 Burning Condors is a haunting and atmospheric track that showcases the band’s unique blend of Gothic witch rock and dark, mystical storytelling. The song’s opening riff, played by Christopher Michael on guitar, sets the tone for a journey into the unknown, with Kimber Dulin’s haunting vocals guiding the listener through a […]

Anjalts — Sometimes the Angels Cry

Anjalts, the adept songwriter and producer, unleashes her latest single, “Sometimes the Angels Cry,” a sonic journey that merges vulnerability with unapologetic rock energy. Launched on June 7, this track attests to Anjalts’ multifaceted talent. “Sometimes the Angels Cry” opens with haunting guitar riffs that echo the raw ache of love’s fragility. Anjalts’ contralto voice, […]

The Domi — Touch of Mystery

The Domi’s latest single, ‘Touch of Mystery’, is a lively and infectious indie-pop track that showcases Dominique Lemaire’s ability to craft catchy and energetic melodies. This song is perfect for summer playlists with its tropical vibes and driving rhythm. As the solo project of former Énée leader Dominique Lemaire, The Domi’s sound is familiar and […]

Carlos Ucedda — Secret Relief

Picture this: You’re cruising down a neon-lit highway, the wind in your hair, and suddenly, a pulsating beat kicks in, followed by a cascade of synths that transport you straight back to the glory days of 80s rock. That’s the instant vibe you get when you hit play on Carlos Ucedda’s latest banger, “Secret Relief.” […]

Pork Pie – Helplessly Waiting

Pork Pie’s latest single, ‘Helplessly Waiting’, is a masterclass in eclectic rock music. The band’s unique sound, shaped by their diverse influences and soaring vocals, alto sax, organ, and guitar work, is both nostalgic and innovative. With a rhythm section that’s tight and talented, ‘Helplessly Waiting’ is a sonic landscape that’s both irresistible and unparalleled. […]

McCloud — Movie Script

From the sunken streets of New Orleans emerges McCloud, a band that defies time and trends. Their latest single, “Movie Script,” tucked within the Spotify EP Look Behind You, is a melodic rollercoaster. Imagine a smoky dive bar, neon flickering, and McCloud taking the stage like prophets of rock. Back in their LSU days, McCloud […]

Family Video – Continental Drift

Get ready to have your heart swept away by Family Video’s latest single, ‘Continental Drift’! This Charlotte-based synthpunk quartet is pushing the boundaries of indie pop with their infectious, high-energy love song. Imagine the catchy hooks of ‘My Sharona’ merged with the frenetic intensity of Death from Above 1979, and you’ll get a glimpse of […]

Toto Peña – FUELT4NK

Toto Peña’s “FUELT4NK” is an acoustic bang that will leave you blown! This electrifying single is a skillful blend of conflicts, combining seemingly contrasting elements into a truly unique sound. As a Venezuelan-American singer-songwriter, Toto Peña’s music is a reflection of his matchless heritage and experiences. With “FUELT4NK”, he’s finally found his stride, combining his […]

Max Norton – Nothing In This World

Max Norton’s “Nothing In This World” is a love song like no other – a lush, harmonious masterpiece that showcases the multi-instrumentalist’s impressive range and vulnerability. After a decade behind the drumkit for the likes of Benjamin Booker and Olivia Jean, Norton steps out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight, and it’s a […]