Cairo Station – Menace

“Menace” is a song that truly lives up to its title! From start to finish, it exudes a nefarious vibe, expressing rage while also suppressing love within its vocals. From the very beginning, the song feels like the entrance music for a villain with the most menacing plans. As soon as the vocals kick in, […]

Maru Haru – To the Strongest

Austin-based indie band Maru Haru display their mastery over blending orchestral, electronic, and folk styles with their newest single, “To the Strongest”. Dreamy piano chords start the song off, placing us in a dreamlike state that leaves us wanting more. It slowly builds up through little pops of synth that enhance the sound further, then […]

Your Best Nightmare – Promising Young Woman

Genre-bending artist Your Best Nightmare’s first full-length, horror-inspired album, “Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity” challenges the domination of the patriarchy through its magical fusion of punk, folk, pop, and art rock, perfectly captured in a macabre tale. The album’s first track, titled “Promising Young Woman” is the perfect prologue to the story, introducing […]

The Plebs – Eye of the Pleb

Venturing to the new age of creating music, The Plebs brought us an unusually good cover of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. This rendition is of course entitled, Eye of the Pleb. This song features the love of the band for music and cryptocurrency which was expressed with such vigor through the lyrics. Full of […]

Sound Waves #005

• Buzzy Song Recommendations • From the first chord to the final crescendo, this track takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, blending heartfelt lyrics with infectious melodies. Ever, Ending Socials: Instagram “Cowboy” from the Wendy Darlings is an absolute banger mixing everything from Garage Rock to Twee to 60’s Indie rock into an […]

O Odious Ones – Can’t Tame an Old Flame

Can’t Tame an Old Flame is the closing track from Fluffer, the latest EP from O Odious Ones. It’s quite the departure from the other songs that came before it, which were more in line with something the band endearingly calls “regressive rock/trailer punk”. Can’t Tame an Old Flame is contemplative and patient, spending almost […]

Sound Waves #004 – Music Recommendations

Recommended Listening “Sorry” from Paper Ashtray has a fabulous old school goth feel with interwoven strings and standout vocals making this dark pop song one to add to your playlist.  Paper Ashtray Socials: Bandcamp • Instagram “Manipulation Man” from Anakyn Gray is fusion of alternative rock, electronic, hip-hop, and pop, with a touch of quirky. […]

The Nomadic – All Changed

The Nomadic is the project of singer songwriter Rob Gaylard. Rob is well-traveled, having grown up in Australia, Burma, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and the UK. As an adult, he has also worked for the United Nations in various continents of the world. That’s what makes his latest single All Changed very interesting, as it […]

Sound Waves #003 – 15 Best New Indie Tunes

Catch our newest recommendations in our our updated playlist featuring all of our latest favorites! Shakin’ is a song about a visit to a Garage Rock festival by Mr Beach and Mr Pineapple during which they go so drunk that they both forgot so much of the evening that they were not even sure if […]

The Virginia Planes – The Siren Call

The Virginia Planes is a dream-pop/shoegaze duo hailing from Heidelberg, Germany. Their latest single is a rendition of Siren Call by Belgian Hardcore band Powerstroke. This re-imagining is quite a huge genre shift, as The Virginia Planes manage to tame the intensity of the original by adding layers of shoegaze effects and widening the soundscape […]

Void Vampires – Breathe In Breathe Out

Breathe In Breathe Out is the first single from Void Vampires. This duo from Camden consists of Kunwar Singh (Guitar, bass) and Jessie Jayne (Vocalist). The two have only started but are showing great promise with their unique blend of post-punk.  Breathe In Breathe Out is about reigning in one’s tech addiction to clear the […]

Wotts – There

Canadian indie-pop duo Wotts strip things down in their latest single There. This song will come as a welcome surprise for avid listeners as the band takes a break from the grandiose production sound they’ve been known for in favor of the basics. Basic does not mean bland however, as the Wotts composes a rich […]