South England-based singer songwriter Asgard Raven is known to use his experience during his numerous deployments in the army to create his indie rock tunes. This allowed him to access a certain optimism and level of soul with his sonic landscape, which is true with his latest single, “Chasing Your Dreams”. A soulful classic about going after your aspirations and seeking to give you the strength to keep moving forward, this track is all about enjoying the journey.

Starting off with some addictive beats and even more addictive guitar riffs, the layered instrumental displays how well Asgard Raven incorporates his musical inspirations into his music. The artist’s vocals are crisp and smooth, and the enunciation of each word really pulls you into the masterful songwriting. The little buildups for the song’s choruses are amazing to listen to and are easy on the ears while still staying as a headbanger. The instruments are played in an energetic manner, with the lyrics being sung soulfully, giving the track’s inspiring vibe that pushes its message through. It truly manages to provide us with the motivation that we need to forge through the obstacles of life and reach our goals.

“Chasing Your Dreams” is a certified awe-inspiring classic from Asgard Raven, and the optimistic nature of the song is a breath of fresh air from all the pessimism plaguing the world at this very moment. Stream it on all streaming platforms now.

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