The Sound of Silence Boy is the latest single from Arrows of the Sun – a collective of musicians and neighbors from Oxford, UK, who decided to write songs during the start of lockdown. This latest song is a somber reflection, partly inspired by a lightning strike around the village during a thunderstorm. In it lead singer John Bond talks about a slew of misfortunes our narrator experiences after running around town. The country starts a war, his wife files for divorce, rent is overdue and all he has is the sound of silence. The song is accompanied by various riffs that carry their own motifs. The focus sways back and forth between the bass, the main lead, the acoustic guitar and the swelling synths. The rhythms carry it all with a stable and relaxing beat, which contrasts with the occasional sharp electric guitar lines and Bond’s descriptions of the world slowly disintegrating, its narrator unable to catch a break. 

With striking imagery and bold instrumentation, these humble neighbors have continued to craft vivid narratives with their indie rock sound. We are excited to see what Arrows of the Sun have in store for us next as they definitely have a strong core that will surely lead them to greater and greater heights.

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