It is not often that we find an artist here on Buzzyband that already has a great artistic voice but still has a lot of potential to grow even more. Such is the case for Melbourne, Australia’s one man disco punk artist Aristo G. Their latest single Overdrive is out now and is surely to blow out all of your expectations on what a disco punk/funk track would sound like. If you’re like me, that description already sparks some intrigue but I assure you that there’s more to discover once you press play. 

Aristo has brought together a mash of several genres like post-punk, disco, and electronica. They’ve managed to fused together elements that have no business sounding so great together–and to great effect at that. There’s a gothic element at play here, with seductive lyrics that on paper, don’t mesh well with the bouncy and playful synth embellishments but on this track it simply works. His vocals are brilliant as well, which is a welcome surprise as that aspect isn’t always emphasized in dance-heavy tracks. Such boldness and creativity at display should warrant further inspection on Aristo G, and I’d gladly report that his other songs are just as intriguing as well. 

Check out Aristo G, a unique and compelling artist who’s only starting out but already shows limitless potential. Overdrive is out now on streaming platforms.

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