Ari Joshua forms up a trio with Joe Doria and Brad Gibson to form The Suncatchers, and now they’ve released their first single Audio Bicycle Day. This jazzy and groovy track is fused with magic and wonder, adding excitement on top of an already top-notch soulful composition. 

The song starts with a delightful harp sequence that ushers the listener to this magical space. Ari Joshua enters with his guitar to set up the groove, followed by Brad Gibson on the drums to solidify the rhythm. Joe Doria comes in not long after with the keys for the main hook, putting the whole song into full color. I love how restrained each of these elements are. When you put a trio of talented musicians in such a cerebral and creative style, it’s easy to step on each other’s toes if you’re not careful. This definitely isn’t the case here as the band handles it with the right amount of discipline and playfulness. 

With their debut effort, The Suncatchers have managed to wield wonder in their hands, passing it on to the listener for a soothing, magical time. Audio Bicycle Day is out now on all streaming platforms. Each member of the trio has their own music project as well, which is well worth checking out.

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