Dark, Sensual, Dangerous. Stepping into Anne Bennett’s world through her latest single “Second Death” feels like wandering into a Black Widow’s lair. You know there’s danger lurking inside, but you can’t help it as you’re lulled by the allure of that beautiful voice. According to Bennett, “‘Second Death’ is not just a song; it’s an immersive experience that transports you to a realm where emotions are heightened, and the music becomes a conduit for self-discovery.” After a few repeat listens (bordering on obsession), we definitely agree . The sharp, industrial riffs and the drums provide a base that’s almost meditative–if not for its menacing swagger. Bennett’s vocals slip through them like silk, with an 80’s veneer that makes it feel like the song was played on the radio in between a Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush hit. For a more modern comparison, I would put her as similar to Florence Welch or Lana Del Ray on how well they convey mood and story through song.

“Second Death” is Bennett’s first release of the year, and although she hasn’t had a full album out yet, we would definitely recommend her discography of equally well crafted songs. The single ‘Heavy Hand’ seems to be gaining some traction, and deservedly so. Checkout Anne Bennett on your favorite streaming site and through her website: https://www.iamannebennett.com/


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