“Love Ain’t Free” is British artist Andy Smythe’s first new single after the March release of his latest album, “Poetry in Exile”. Created with his amazing band that makes a sound reminiscent of their folk-rock influences, the song is a multi-instrumental harmonic masterpiece that shows the difficulties of the next generation in pushing forward with the love that was already so difficult to find in a post-Brexit political and economic landscape.

The most prominent element of the song that you’ll fall in love with is the amazing tune of strings that are simply heavenly. The beat cannot be understated though, as it adds the full-body soundscape that keeps the song grounded all throughout. The addition of brass instruments is just wonderful, and really adds a slight orchestral nature to the song’s folk-rock vibe. Smythe’s 4-octave voice that’s responsible for all the main vocals and harmonies is just so special and really fits into the song’s genre perfectly. His voice is also clear, telling the issue that the song addresses well; that nowadays, loving someone isn’t enough, you also have to get a boatload of money to boot if you want to legitimize your union with them. It serves as the artist’s form of protest against this ridiculous notion, and he delivers it with ease and grace.

Andy Smythe’s newest single is for all those people who hate the current political and economic landscape standing in the way of their love. “Love Ain’t Free” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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