Great artists can come from all walks of life, and there are infinitely more songs and stories out there left to be discovered and told. In this new album ‘Poetry in Exile’, singer-songwriter Andy Smythe aims to shed light on his world with his love of Brit-pop and the pureness of the written word. In his single Leaves to Burn from the same album, he talks about farm life in his corner of the UK. His experiences working there during his teenage years has made him accustomed to the people who make their livelihood directly from the soil, and this song serves as a dedication and a stark portrayal of that story. 

On top of that, Andy also sheds light on the issues of mental health in the farming community. In one of his verses he depicts how their sense of worth is often ‘locked up in the Earth’ and how that could easily be distorted by the seasons. There’s a lot to unpack with each verse, and the lush instrumentation surrounding Andy’s words are filled with vibrance and rich colors. The organ, acoustic guitar, along with the lively drums sends off a constant forward momentum, reflecting the seasons of rural backbreaking work. Work that does not stop for anyone, as there will always be leaves to burn.

Andy Smythe’s poetic prowess and songcraft shines bright in this headlining single. Catch this and the rest of Poetry in Exile on all streaming platforms.

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