Swedish artist Andreas Gavlén releases his latest single, A Perfect Lie. Gavlén harnesses the sound of dark post-punk in this song about deception and betrayal. It perfectly captures the feeling of someone being misled by someone you trust. The song’s atmosphere is gloomy and foreboding. A downcast cloud hangs over the soundscape, filling the image with blacks and grays. Hollow riffs gleam at the edges, echoing in the darkness. Shoegaze-y guitar riffs wail during the chorus by the end, mimicking a primal howl of someone going through a dark time. The realization that you were told A Perfect Lie rings vividly for the listener.

Having started his musical career in a band called sonic:razzamatazz, Andreas Gavlén has since paved his own path as a solo artist focused on indie rock and post-punk. His distinctive mix of electronic sounds coupled with the dark textures from the 80’s wave is where his artistry shines and continues to evolve.

A Perfect Lie may be about confronting betrayal, but it’s also an acknowledgement of the truth. There is a remarkable amount of courage that is required when going through a breakup. It’s important to face reality, even when it makes us vulnerable. This is the duality that Andreas Gavlén captures in his latest single. Follow him on your favorite streaming platform.

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