Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners release a nostalgic song of enduring love in their latest single Monroe. This song stands on a fluffy bed of relaxing harmonies and it feels absolutely good. Al Mitchell and his sinners have crafted an indie-pop sound that works on all cylinders. The dirty guitars, the punchy yet grooving bass lines, along with the top-notch live drums is a treat to all fans of the genre. 

Nostalgic storytelling is at the heart of this song–comparable to the nostalgia and fondness people designate to the mythos of Marylin Monroe, Al Mitchell & The Newborn Sinners have effectively used the bells and whistles of indie-pop to paint a picture of a love that once was. 

Monroe can be split into two parts: the remembrance phase at the beginning and an urgency filled with regret as the song reaches its climax. It’s a story that will be familiar to all who’ve experienced heartache, and it’s impressive how the band manages to distill and crystallize this feeling. Going through it feels like watching a full-length indie movie of love and yearning, condensing it into three minutes is nothing short of spectacular. 

If I was a betting man, Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners could easily lead the new wave of indie pop for years to come. Be first on the door and give them a listen on all streaming platforms.

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