Rock music often feels like a nerve-racking collision of reality and psychedelic emotions—something akin to standing in the middle of a fire. “Witch’s Fire” by Fluid Druid is a song that captures this essence, igniting your heart with previously unfelt emotions and rekindling forgotten or suppressed rage.

As the song begins, it welcomes us with gradual beats that make you nod to the rhythm, but the blast of the electric guitar is no less jaw-dropping. The vocals are like a speech dictating the direction of a rebel. The song is a scream of wonder, developing the feeling of being in the house of rock. The music in “Witch’s Fire” is a smooth composition of chaos, full of awe and the overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by fire. The song features a fantastic mix of ideas that makes us feel both motivated and as if we are being killed slowly inside. It is like the world is hell, and you are in the middle of a fire—a fire created by a witch of our past.

It’s no wonder that the song evokes feelings of mental distortion, as Fluid Druid aimed to capture the essence of psychedelic rock. The tormenting imagery that burns and enlightens your mind is paired with a motivation to survive—something that resonates with our everyday lives. “Witch’s Fire” embodies the chaotic beauty of the psychedelic rock genre and leaves a lasting impact, making you feel alive and introspective all at once.

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