Poster Children – Daisychain Reaction

Daisychain Reaction is the third full length release from Poster Children, which was produced by Steve Albini. It first came out in 1991 and was re-released on vinyl in 2016 following the band’s 25th year anniversary.  This album enjoys a large leap in production value from the DIY methods of their previous release. Albini captures the live […]

Poster Children – Tool of the Man

Poster Children released Tool of the Man in 1993 under Sire records. In this album the band presents an overall gloomier atmosphere with darker shades and textures than the previous releases. Where Flower Plower feels more exploratory and Daisychain Reaction dives into grunge and its grand guitar swells, Tool of the Man is more introspective and expertly uses the established sound of […]

Poster Children – Junior Citizen

Junior Citizen was initially released in 1995 via Sire records, and in this album Poster Children has crafted another stellar addition to their discography. This is by far the most radio-friendly of their collections, with every track feeling more accessible than the previous material. This is indie punk and pop-punk with a mature and thoughtful […]

Poster Children – Flower Power

Poster Children is one of the most prolific indie bands from Chicago, Illinois and has released eleven studio albums through the decades. The band is the brainchild of Rick Valentin and Rose Marschack, who met in the eighties at the University of Illinois and officially formed with the addition of Shannon Drew in 1987. This […]