Our favorite rabble-rousers from Leichester, the 9 O’clock Nasty are back again to grace us with their wonderful blend of punk in their latest single Dead Pilot–the fourth single off of their upcoming album THIS IS CROWLAND. The nasties have rolled real-world dread, satire and escapist whimsy in a tightly-knit punk song. The song poses the question: “Can you get into the head of someone that drunk on their own authority and status, trusted to take us all home?” This poignancy reflects the decay of our institutions and their ability to serve those who are under them. What if the pilot is asleep at the helm, or worse yet–dead? What if those we elected to lead and serve aren’t actually interested at all in doing so?

9 O’clock Nasty serves this stinging realization with jagged synths, boiling basslines and  a dollop of alarming electronic pulses. They’ve placed the listener at the center of a fuselage, experiencing the dread of the lights going down as cruise control sets in and the pilot breathes their last. Imagine this song playing on the intercom as the plane crashes. Combining whimsy with fear is no easy feat, but this one fits perfectly. Dead Pilot is short and sweet, but leaves a dreadful message that sticks. 9 O’clock Nasty continues to impress with thought-provoking punk that’s easily as danceable as it is profound.

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