The Upsidedown – Trust Electricity

The Upsidedown has recently released a remastered version of their debut album from 2004. Trust Electricity 2020 Remaster is now available on vinyl and streaming sites. For the unaware, the band hails from Portland, Oregon and has been compared to the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Psychedelic Furs, The Ravonettes and Love and Rockets among others. At the time of their debut, the band was named as “band to watch” by Magnet Magazine, and “dreamy and decadent in all the right places” by the Boston Globe. The remaster is something we highly recommend for fans and fresh listeners alike as this record has a lot to offer, with a variety of songs that dip into shoegaze, psych and alt-rock. If you love the aforementioned influences of the band then this record should be right up your alley. The band does a lot of genre shifts and experiments as well, noted by the heavy rock n’ roll influences particularly in the album’s second half

The album starts off with a moody vibe, no doubt a product of their Pacific Northwest environment. Songs like “Blackeye Liner” and “Wake up Drive Thru” have a darker edge to them, while “Walk on Fire” and “Saint Theresa of the Roses” are dreamy and atmospheric. The latter song proves to be a special one – it stands out as a unique track with a slow-burning tempo and emotional depth that stretches beyond their regular rock flair. The band is surely in agreement, as they’ve recorded a music video (which looks brilliant, by the way) and shared it a few days before the remaster’s release.

For those looking for good old rock n’ roll look no further than “Elizabeth” – which meshes the best of both worlds in a fusion of country elements and goth rock, complete with a shuffling rhythm and fleeting harmonica. Some notable songs in the second half are spine-chilling and elegant “Duchess of York”. “Airplane Eyes” is a classic rock tune as good as anything you’d hear from the last three decades – with a great guitar solo to boot, while “Sacred Call” has silky piano melodies and spacey textures that take the experience on a whole different plane. The variety in this record is staggering, yet the execution stays consistent all throughout. This album offers a fully-fledged experience that not many can boast, check it out below!

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