The Prids – Until the World is Beautiful…

Until The World Is Beautiful is the second full-length album of The Prids, continuing their consistent streak of drawing bands like from The Cure, Sonic Youth and Joy Division, keeping their blend of post-punk and goth rock alive and well in the 2000’s. What stands out in this collection however is its focus on reaching a certain mood. Although the songs in this album still have their post-punk bite — driven by beefy rumbling bass lines and shoegaze wizardry —  here the harshness is a little more subdued, the emotions and melodies a little gentler and the synths more soft and cool. As the title suggests, this is an album of hope, of searching for a world that you know could be beautiful, and never stopping in its pursuit. 

There’s a theme of getting back to what we’ve lost in this record. Listening to it 20 years later – still strongly resonates, especially with everything happening lately. Album opener “The Glow” is about someone feeling like they’ve lost their glow in life and longing for a missing lover who’s served as their constant source of daylight. The sharply-wound guitars and urgent rhythms give it a definitive punk vibe, but the air of loneliness and longing permeates through. The same can be said for “Like Hearts” with its somber melodies humming against the crackle of fierce guitars. “Shadow and Shadow” is overcast with a dark feeling that’s clearly there but doesn’t feel overbearing. Later it shifts into uplifting melodies with great synths at its bridge. 

The second half has equally tight compositions. “All that you Want” combines the vocal chops of David Frederickson and Mistina La Fave into an ethereal blend, cast under guitars that hover anxiously above like a spying helicopter. “Forever Again” has a wonderful intersection of guitar lines that grabs you from the get-go. What starts with a gripping tension then develops into a wondrous mix of angelic harmonies, turning it into the most optimistic end to a Prids song.

This idea appears again on the closing track. “Untitled” is an instrumental where the band pours it all technically and emotionally. Drone-like synth effects intermingle with a spine-chilling chord progression, creating a haunting yet beautiful end to this album’s quest for a better world.

Until the World is Beautiful holds up extremely well in our modern times. It’s a well-balanced album in terms of compositional skill and heart. A definite must listen for post-punk and goth enthusiasts.

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