The Prids – Duracraft

For today and the next few reviews we’ll be looking at another artist we admire and love in Buzzyband. We’ll take a look at all of their albums – from their humble debut to their recent material, just like we did for acts like Boyracer and Poster Children. This time we are looking at The Prids, a post-punk/indie rock outfit from Portland Oregon who specialize in dark 80’s indie rock with influences in noise, goth and shoegaze. 

Their first EP Duracraft is a humble 4-track, but it doesn’t lack in skill and ambition. Right out of the gates it is clear that band leaders David Frederickson and Mistina La Fave have a deep respect for the influential bands that came earlier. This was a record that constantly sparked comparisons with My Bloody Valentine and New Order when it came out. Definitely good company to be with. 

And it’s not hard to see why. The opening track “Lions in Cages” has carefully crafted shoegaze riffs, dark atmospheric rhythms and a gloomy synth arrangement that feels like every nook and cranny was intentionally orchestrated, resulting in something that’s deeply moving. The second song, “Memoreyes” is experimental in its use of negative space, interspersed with brooding riffs and an eerie atmosphere. It’s as if you’re trapped in a dark chamber waiting for something to come out of an obscured hallway.

“Fades in time” changes up the mood substantially, as Mistina graces the song with her choir-like singing. A string of bright keys and echoing harmonies envelop the whole mix, but there’s a dark and subtle undertone lying underneath. The whole song gives off a Grim Fairy Tales vibe or a Tim Burton story. Something that’s full of wonder and whimsy but riddled with fairies and pixies that won’t hesitate to bite.

The last song and title track is the most technical song of the four. What starts off with basic rhythms and a drone riff builds into a smorgasbord of shoe-gaze lines, commanding vocals and various mind-bending effects. 

With these four songs alone, The Prids are able to show off their wide range of talents and expertise in a much-loved genre. Each of these tracks cover a different facet of its sound that it’s hard to pigeonhole them into one thing. As a debut, this is nothing short of brilliant.

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