The Prids – Do I Look Like I’m In Love?

Do I Look Like I’m In Love? is the fourth full-length from The Prids which was released in 2018.  Although fans endured a long wait for this to drop, I’d bet that none of them were disappointed with the result, as yet again this album has surpassed all of their previous material in terms of songwriting and arrangement. Listening to this record has put me in a predicament – as the lack of bad songs in this album makes it really hard to pick a favorite. Each song feels epic in its scope and composition. Be it from the hum of the shoegaze-y riffs, to the glittering synths or the stellar mixing that brings all these elements together. This is a record that needs a few more repeats for it to truly sink in – yet still offers a nice and welcome listen for anyone who merely wants to experience the scenery.

Aside from being epic, I would describe this record as dreamy. The Prids had already touched on this type of sonic profile very well in 2010’s Chronosynclastic, but with this one I feel that they’ve refined the formula even further.  From the opener “Summer Cult”, we find hazy vocals gliding through a mix of somber riffs. Other post-punk/goth acts have a tendency to gloss and obscure their vocals to have a dream-like effect, but The Prids offer a more robust sound. Making the lyrics easy to absorb with less obstruction, which I personally prefer. 

Another thing I would highlight is how orchestral the arrangements feel in this record, which in turn lends itself to the larger-than-life feel. The title track in particular has an expansive soundscape that feels glorious. From the punchy drums to the  grainy guitar effects, all sounds are laid out so well that they create a greater sum of their parts.

Some other notables here include “Lie Here”, with its rumbling melody and wonderful synthwork. It’s like the best of The Cure and My Bloody Valentine combined together. “English Treasure” is a surprising yet welcome post-rock instrumental that feels aqueous and otherworldly. The kind of atmospheric track that could easily be botched without any restraint or a good ear for pacing – something that the band clearly has no issues with. “The Shape” is another piece in this record that feels immense and well-put together, filled to the brim with weird and experimental sounds that pay off really well.

Do I Look Like I’m in Love? Is an album that transports its listeners to another dimension of sound and emotion. The Prids just keep getting better and better, and it’s been fun experiencing their evolution through the years.

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