Brooklyn Indie rock darlings The Drums released a compilation of b-sides and remixes of their classics in their latest album entitled Mommy Don’t Spank Me. This is in commemoration of their 10th year anniversary. The Drums formed back in 2009 and released their self-produced and self-titled debut in 2010. After which they went on to release three more, with 2011’s Portamento gaining them much deserved critical acclaim and a substantial amount of following.

Mommy Don’t Spank Me, overall has a much more calm and subdued approach to its sound compared to the grander ideas of their regular music. Highlights like “I Can’t Save Your Life” is a gentle and dreamy rock song reminiscent of The Strokes. “When I Come Home” has minimal accompaniment of synths and beats all combining wonderfully to form a greater sum of its parts. “What We Had” has that classic surfy feel that’s a mainstay of the band’s most popular songs. 

All of the newly released material covers a wide array of styles, stretching from dreamy pop to new wave rock. Jonny Pierce’s vocal takes center stage in the cold and dreamy “I Don’t Want To Go Alone” as he pleads to a lover to remain by his side over a lovely pop melody. While in “Instruct Me” he breathes life and sensuality directly into the song, accompanied only by soft synth beats, sparse drums and the sound of steady breathing.

With twenty-two tracks in all, fans should have a wealth of material to go through. The second half is dedicated to re-imagining their most beloved songs. With classics like “How It Ended” and “Money” even having space for more than one remix. However, it is “Me and The Moon” that has been given the most room out of all their songs, remixed for a total of four times, all from different artists. It’s interesting to see how each one takes their own unique spin to these classics. Each one is so varied that it never feels like you’re listening to the same song. For one, the version from Clock Opera feels spacey and more new wave, while the Moonlight Matters remix is shrouded with darkness that borders into goth.

Mommy Don’t Spank serves as a treat and a thank you for all fans and also a smooth jumping off point for new listeners. With a collection of The Drums style compiled through the years, it’s easy to see how they are one of the favorites in the scene.

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