Snacking – Painted Gold

Florida indie-rock outfit Snacking released their new EP Painted Gold on February 8th, 2021. The five-piece has seen a transition of sorts in this new offering, spicing up their Midwest-emo foundation with a bit of folk and contemporary rock. The band meshes together heavy guitars with sincere and emotional lyricism, resulting in a very thoughtful and thought-provoking listen. What I’d like to call ‘grown-up emo’. It hits hard, punching above its weight despite its brevity, and providing depth with its relatable charm. All accompanied by roaring guitars and weighty rhythms that drive those deep-seated feelings home.

“Blacked Out on a Train” talks about the ups and downs of being on the road. Enjoying the scenery all around you while at the same time dreading every unknown corner, especially when you find yourself all alone. Sprawling riffs illustrate the grand journey, while vocalist Ryan Dormois delivers melancholic lyrics that cleverly weave themselves into tight harmonic spaces. It’s smart and profound, well reminiscent of Ben Gibbard at his best form.

“Crossword” illustrates doubt via dissonant riffs that weave with each other in a tight lingering tension. These harmonic lines feel eerie, giving it the feeling of dyslexia. In a song about feeling insecure and fumbling through your words, this is especially poignant, a showcase of the band’s holistic songwriting. 

“Edward” is a solemn song that’s a tribute/ode to a friend who’s passed away. The band makes use of folk elements, creating an atmospheric tapestry of acoustic arpeggios and slide guitar. Dormois, as he regularly does in this EP, drops a line that just hits you in the feels. “I’m colder than the stone / just like the bed on which you lay”, he prays, lamenting his friend’s memory as it slowly slips away and life continues on.

As if that’s enough heavy hitters, the EP closes with the title track that almost entirely falls into introspective folk rock. “Painted Gold” is an acoustic song shrouded by dissonance. A mix of Death Cab and Father John Misty, and one of those songs that can just make you sigh regardless of your mood. 

At 14 minutes in total, Painted Gold isn’t too long, but it leaves a profound effect that lasts and sticks with you as you go through your day. It’s a wonderful step forward for Snacking in terms of enriching their sound. Painted Gold is out now via Chillwave Records.

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