Slow Tide – Slow Tide

Surf through the waves of Slow Tide in a heart-pounding ride of rock nostalgia. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based five-piece released their self titled debut EP in 2019. It consists of six snappy tracks filled with carefree surf rock and garage punk heavy-hitters, this record can make you wish you could easily go outside and hit the beach with your friends. With tons of attitude and plenty of generously delivered hooks, the band packs a strong introduction that left me wishing there was more to this weekend getaway (but they, that’s what the replay button is for).

Opener “Sleep” is a calm and wavy lullaby that perfectly encapsulates the band’s name. But it was all a misdirection all along, as follow up “Deprivation” completes the phrase, blasting and careening through the speakers in a floor-stomping romp. The song talks of an insomniac’s nightmare with scrappy lofi goodness and roaring surf riffs.

“Sorry, Wrong #” dials things down a little and dives deep into 60’s rock nostalgia with classic riffs that hearken back to the Beach Boys era. Because who in this day and age of the internet calls the operator bearing a wrong number? Yet for those of us who are young enough to remember those ancient times, this one’s a sure-fire hit.

“Thieves” slows down the tempo for a while as the sun slowly disappears to the horizon. Vocalist Ashleigh Said adapts a dark and velvety voice as she entices you to join her in a heist. The second half shifts gears to full on urgency — like the quick getaway after a crime, with sharper riffs and razor-edged rhythms.

The last two tracks of the EP shed light on the band’s versatility. “BTTM FDRS” is a rhythmic delight and a hook-filled marathon, perfect for a sweltering concert by the beach. “Parker” shows the band’s psych sensibilities, where the guitars move with gradual intricacy that only progresses till the end. By the end of the song it felt like the band’s surf sensibilities have further evolved, taking me into a mind-bending trip to an interstellar ocean (with neon fish!).

Slow Tide delivers a promising first EP, flexing their punk rock sensibilities and showcasing their ability to use these retro-inspired themes to create something fresh and fun.

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