Sleepy Soul – Hazy EP

Minneapolis based indie pop Sleepy Soul released Hazy EP in 2020. For a relatively new group, this has to be one of the most impressive sounding EPs of the year. Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre have crafted nothing less than pure musical bliss. This is the type of music that can relax even the most troubled of minds. Their infectious melodies glide and whisper with ease, accompanied by slow yet punchy beats that’s so easy to dance and chill with. The sound is in the name, and Sleepy Soul has delivered a cozy bed of soft indie pop to indulge our senses.

Opener “Intro” exists in a dream-like state. The song takes its time, guided by a steady melody and airy croons. Half-lullaby and half-slow dance, it features a lush combination of graceful synths and warbly guitars. Once this kicks in, you know you’re in for a good time. “Hazy” takes the same mood and uplifts it into space. A song talks about taking things slow and being confident in your own self (”Embrace your skin / perfect as you are”). We all know how effective music is to relieve stress and this song presents the very pinnacle of that idea. 

“Always in Time” follows with a more rhythmic step. A smooth concoction R&B fusion with chill pop elements. It sounds familiar in structure, but where the band innovates is in the richness of their instrumentation. From its stellar beats, to the carefully curated synth textures and impressive embellishing riffs, everything feels flawless. It feels like the band collected every comfy element of pop from the last decade distilled them in this one. 

“Take It Slow” stands out with its harmonies. Here the band weaves together vocals with such great skill technicality that you may not notice how many layers there are until you zoom in. All the while keeping things fun and seamless. 

“Uncool” closes the EP, and it’s nothing like the title suggests. Here the mix is thick but never overbearing. The blend of male-female vocals along with its wonderfully crafted beat and psych flourishes has me convinced that the band can just go wherever they want and make it work. 

I came into Hazy EP without expectations considering this is Sleepy Soul’s first, yet the whole experience left me reaching out for the repeat button. Sleepy Soul is bedroom pop at its best form, and I for one am excited for the whole scene with their inevitable emergence. 

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