Skull Cult – Braindead

Skull Cult is a punk band from Bloomington, Indiana with a sound that can take you to the deep end of delirium. They feature synth-infused punk dosed in quick-fire songs, all of which are both chaotic and an earworm. The kind of music that can urge you to bob your head in jerky movements with its alien textures and rhythms. Their latest EP Braindead is so abrasive yet so catchy. It’s as if noise and melody were crammed together in a tight space and were told to get along with each other. Imagine dancing your heart out while you’re being lobotomized, exorcised or mutilated, and despite the sheer absurdity and chaos you’re loving every minute of it. They say punk is all about attitude, and in a span of eight minutes Skull Cult delivers it in spades.

“Braindead” enters the scene like the rhythmic ramblings of a lunatic. Filled with jarring noise that somehow meshes into cool hooks, with vocals full of anger and mischief. A package that will transport you to the underworld of punk.

“Mutilator” somehow channels the 80’s vogue of new wave, yet the synths are distorted and every instrument seems to be sanded with a fuzzy sheen. It’s as if the instruments were all somehow digitally emulated from chainsaws, aptly complimenting its brutal imagery.   

“Who Are You” is old school hardcore with glimmering synths to spice it up. The song rambles into a cathartic rant with boiling bass lines and restless drums. “Into The White” is a robotic call and response of male and female vocals with droning riffs and melodies. Everything feels angular at first, but the end slowly descends into a spiral of vertigo-inducing madness.

The EP closes with “Cyco Killer”, a cover of the classic Talking Heads song. Skull Cult’s rendition removed all the glamour from the original and replaced it with hammering grit. Its swagger however is still maintained, which they managed with their own chaotic energy.

If you’re looking for a neurotic brain-blast of punk. Braindead may be right up your alley. Skull Cult continues to show their punk prowess in their latest EP.

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