Rey Pila – Velox Veritas

The latest release from Rey Pila, entitled Velox Veritas is an explosion of dancy synth goodness. Imagine the flamboyant iterations of David Bowie and the electronic machinations of 80’s new wave, lather in a mix of modern dance pop and perhaps you’ll start to get the idea. The sonic density of each track is immense, buzzing synths and glittery keys permeate each track and is tinged with a slightly dark undertone. On top of that, the band packs a staggering amount of diverse styles and textures in this album, making for a very intriguing listen.

“Let It Burn” opens the LP with a mix of 80’s synth pop and rock. Each element in this track may seem familiar–with synths and guitars weaving through the mix–but how it’s constructed is so unique that I suspect this is something unique to the band. It’s catchy and highly infectious, making it great for both a dance club or a rock festival.   

Puzzling together the elements of these songs is a fun journey in and of itself. The groove on “Drooling” makes it sound like a reggae track, but everything else feels like it’s being played in a grandiose synth cathedral with bright lights that glitter in every color. It’s like I’m transported to a vogue fashion show with an eclectic audience. “Josephine” is the most 80’s track in the album, making for a great post-punk revival track. “Danger” is the most nostalgic track of the bunch. Imagine the synth pads you might have heard on your favorite 80’s teen movie with the groove of Michael Jackson’s early motown hits. Top that with a Slash-esque guitar solo and boy do we have an old-school banger. 

While the previous tracks I’ve mentioned are filled to the brim in maximalist fashion, there are a few slow-burning songs in this record that prove the versatility of Rey Pila. Centerpiece “Steps (Pt.2)” is a soft rock song with sparse synths and plenty of heart, an ambient retreat from the stark lights of the dance club. Closing track “Steps (Pt. 1)” offers a similar reprise at the tail end of the album, extending the themes of its predecessor while filling it with soothing textures and wailing slide guitar. The perfect calm ending to a very splashy record.

Velox Veritas is an evocative experience from start to end. The kind of record you can’t digest in one sitting. It’s like opening Pandora’s box and finding something new every time.  

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