Raw Plastic – Waiting Till Summer

Raw Plastic is a new project from Bastian Najdek and Sebastian Polus, who both play in Polish Bands Syndrom Paryski and Revive. They released their latest EP in March of 2021 called Waiting Till Summer. Packed with four tracks, the idea of writing these shoegaze-drenched punk songs was sparked by the pandemic. Inspired by the conditions that led both creators to stay at home, longing for a time when summer comes back and the world opens up again. 

This EP has a lofi/garage aesthetic that feels free-flowing and raw. Full of chill chord progressions and effects soaked in hazy textures, this is one that fans of late aughts era lo-fi rock should definitely check out. As a side project, there is a focus from both members to try something fun without the serious constraints placed into them by their main projects. As such, there is a fun and adventurous side to these songs while still keeping a laid-back attitude. An EP you can chill with on a lazy afternoon.

“Car Parks and Recreation” headlines the EP with its chunky guitars and preppy rhythms. Later on in the chorus a sweeping synth sound gives the track a psychedelic effect, hypnotizing in its simplicity while not being too shabby on its technical nuances.

The next tracks “Heart Rush” and “Gamer’s Worst Nightmare” hint at the band’s emo influence. While the music is much more lively and relaxed, the lyrics present a more introspective side. “Heart Rush” feels like a swirling Sonic Youth track taking place inside the mind of someone navigating life during Covid with the many complications it presents. “Gamer’s Worst Nightmare” is an easy syndrome to contract while being cooped up inside all day. The line: “I keep wasting all my potential” wistfully hovers above grinding guitars and propulsive drums, presenting a whirlwind that’s hard to escape despite its level of self-awareness.

The EP ends with wavewwaveswaves, a hazy surf punk track with pulsating vocals, lighter-than-air guitars and an overall breezy atmosphere. The song feels like it has just been let out of its cage (or in this case, apocalypse shelter). But is it real? Or is it but dream?

Nevertheless, Raw Plastic provides a fun punk record for the times. Despite it’s conception as a for-fun project, Waiting Till Summer shares a memorable experience that packs quite a punch and shows great promise.

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