Parsnip – Adding Up

Parsnip has released a new four-song EP following their 2019 debut When the tree bears fruit. Entitled Adding Up, the band retains the whimsical fairy-tale aesthetic of the previous offering while adding a fuller, livelier sound. Every Parsnip song is filled with childlike wonder, with bright synths and bouncy rhythms that will remind you of your favorite childhood show. It’s Teletubbies meets raw garage rock and post-punk. Quirky and fun, but never sappy and not quite twee. 

The subjects in this EP cover some of the mundane aspects of adult life, something that often contends with their whimsical sounds and melodies, which is brilliant as it adds a solid ground to latch on to and balance their gleeful nature.

Starting from the title track, the band comments on how problems are slowly piling up. Saying how we should all “eke out to cough up the dough”. As things are getting harder and harder especially for artists these days, this adds a stark realism that contrasts their glittering synths and chimes.

“Treacle Toffee World” comes next and is a cover of a track released by The Fire in 1968. While the original is laid-back, with a stoner drawl quite common at that time, Parsnip’s version has a colorful and playful flair. Something that would be perfect in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mixtape.

“Crossword Cheater” has a sinister noir vibe. It’s sound is reminiscent of spy crime thrillers from the 70’s. Except instead of hunting bad guys and criminals, this one is on the hunt for someone cheating on the morning paper’s puzzle. The band ends this song in a swirling psychedelic jam of oozing riffs and tremolo.

The EP ends with “Repeater” which laments on going through the daily grind and not seeing any results. “Weeks, months and years go by / Think back and wonder why / Going forward / looking backward”. The vocals are cloudy and surreal while buoyant synths flutter through the mix in excited rushes and waves.

Adding Up is short and sweet, with each track hooking you along and leaving you wanting for more. If you’re looking for a quick fix to light you up, Parsnip has got you covered with their upgraded craft and unique energy.

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