Oog Bogo – EP 2

Oog Bogo is the solo project from Kevin Oog who also plays for garage rock outfit The Meatbodies. He released his second EP under the moniker in May of 2020. Bluntly entitled EP 2, this collection consists of four tracks that were, as described in their bandcamp page, ‘excavated from a box of tapes’. All sorted and dusted to help the Covid-19 effort, with all proceeds offered to help in the relief efforts. 

EP 2 feels like a time capsule, not only because each of these songs were written in different time periods, but also because of its lo-fi and psych-folk pallet that can lead you to the era of Grateful Dead and Mamas & The Papas. Oog adds his own artistic flair with his hazy garage aesthetic, taking advantage of its lo-fi techniques to make each song significantly more trippy in its own way. 

Opener “Find” effortlessly captures the sound of a Live Dead recording, even so far as managing to put its listeners in the middle of a live show with its production magic. The faded vocals and delightful riffs only add to the illusion, with the cracks and hisses that go along with old-school equipment. Classic bluesy riffs are doused with a dose of garage scrappiness, making the whole experience immersive while still feeling effortlessly lo-fi.

“Disappear” is dreamy in its grittiness. A classic rock song that’s clouded by a storm of swirling psychedelics. “Marauder” feels deep and wide, where the mix feels entrenched in a wide chasm echoing from oblivion. All harnessed to bring delight to our souls. The EP ends with “Season”, a song that trods in a languid pace. Rife with creamy riffs that jangle across the landscape and vocals that soar through the clouds. 

All in all this record achieves much despite its lo-fi and home-recorded feel. Oog has a great touch for crafting elaborate psych sounds, and it’s tape recorded hiss only adds charm to this heartfelt record. It would have been a waste keeping these songs stuck in a box somewhere and locked up in a closet. Thankfully, Oog Bogo unearthed this collection for our listening pleasure and for a great cause to boot.

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