Montecore – Get Awesome

Montecore adds another EP to their discography. The Chicago-based Krautrock/experimental band has been busy in the lab, and is showing no signs of slowing down. This will be their fourth release in the span of three months, and with every new addition we see their sensibilities grow bolder and their experiments reaching new heights. 

This one is no exception. Get Awesome adds three epic tracks to their roster, headlined by a title track that surpasses their previous record with it’s massive 20 minute runtime. Montecore has never been content to stay still, which is apparent in their consistent release and  innovations in sound. Previous EPs such as One Night and House Fire Times were considerably distinct from each other, with the former filled with shoegaze explorations and the latter being more diverse in its machinations.

What’s new in Get Awesome is its blistering speed.

“Commander” charges in with a breakneck pace, laid out by a restless drum and bass rhythm — a far cry from the steady Motorik drones of past releases. Flickering synths and effects occupy the mix, creating a kaleidoscope of signals and fuzzy radioactive noise. These electronics contend with the analog instruments, creating a dynamic push and pull that drags the listener along in a hypnotic frenzy.

“Send Out the Patterns” somehow tops off the previous track in aggression. An eerie electronic screech permeates the song, evoking an ominous feeling which is echoed by the frantic rumbling of the drums. It’s strained and agitated, as if it’s being chased by an unseen terror from above. 

While the previous cuts I’ve mentioned are dead set in keeping speed, title track “Get Awesome” takes its time to fill out its grandiose length. I look at it like a play with a three-act structure. The first act starts calm with a pulsing drone accompanied by a fluttering synth line. The second act comes in around the five minute mark with a destructive wave of jagged and fuzzy beats, creating discord with the established order. The song ends with clean guitar riffs to drown  out the abrasive noises, closing the track into full circle. 

Montecore constantly showcases the diverse and expansive possibilities of Krautrock. If you’re looking to dip your toes into what this broad genre has to offer, I highly recommend checking this out along with their previous releases.

Get Awesome releases on July 31 on streaming platforms.

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