Margaritas Podridas – Margaritas Podridas

There comes a time in every music fan’s life when they discover a band that sounds so good that they need to share it with everybody else. Such is the case for the Margaritas Podridas (translates to Rotten Daisies) when we first heard of them. The shoegaze/punk band hails from Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico – which unless you’re from the area, immediately signals that you’re in for something fresh. The quartet has a raw and visceral sound, with a  special energy that I intuitively felt when first listening to them. The kind of intuition that tells you: “Wow, I’m gonna enjoy the rest of this record”. And this self-titled 5-track they’ve recently put out surely does not disappoint.

The EP is a compilation of live studio recordings, composed of songs from the band’s previous albums, 2018’s Porcelain Mannequin and the 2021 self-titled release.  Opener “Malign” shows the band’s frenetic punk chops, with vocalist Carolina Enríquez channeling pure anguish and rage over a hollowed-out atmosphere of brooding drums and squealing guitars. “Margaritas” follows with a haunting creepiness and bleeding-edge guitar wizardry. Speaking of guitars, the riffs and effects coming from this EP are consistently strong and compelling. Able to shift moods quite easily and with rich textures that make it seem like there are more hands at work than a humble quartet. For the next three tracks, there’s a cathedral-like atmosphere to their songs – driving towards goth and dream pop while still having lots of energy and drive. “Petalos Mordidos” is held tightly by its drum and bass groove while Carolina provides a slower and more subdued vocal performance. The two remaining tracks are heavy-hitters, a rare occurrence where a record keeps getting better and better. “Celeste” is like a psychedelic prayer, dreamy and otherworldly – where the instruments seem to flutter into other dimensions. In the closing track “Ceremonia”, the band takes us to a shoegaze-y church in northwest Mexico. With heavenly reverb and riffs almost mimicking cathedral bells. It’s a song that opens you up to an enlightening experience.

Check out the Margaritas Podridas EP below and the subsequent albums that these live renditions were taken from. We’re always on the lookout for something new and fresh with great potential ahead of them, and this band from Mexico fits the bill perfectly. 

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