Gloomchurch – matching luck

The first time I listened to Gloomchurch’s 2020 EP, I felt in awe of their ability to create wondrous compositions that express the beauty and vastness of their subject matter, which at that time leaned heavily into space and otherworldly themes. They’ve harnessed shoegaze in a way that’s ephemeral and dream-like, arranging these hazy transmissions and making them sound pleasant and melodic. This same level of drive and intent is also present in their latest offering matching luck, which has now been released in all streaming platforms a year later. 

Matching luck is bolder, with more sprawling themes and beefier compositions. Gloomchurch has stretched themselves even further in crafting and exploring the sounds that fill these four songs. In some ways they may sound familiar genre-wise, taking influences from alt-rock and pop — yet the heavy slathering of effects and textures makes it feel totally new and fresh. The title track is the longest song here, clocking in at 6 and a half minutes – the longest one they’ve released so far. It’s clear that the band has opted to do more in terms of breadth and structure while maintaining a great deal of restraint. The song is filled with good hooks without dragging on, a characteristic that I can confidently say stays consistent with the rest of the EP. 

Second track “coin heaven” has a laid-back vibe despite having a sludge of textural noise raining down on the mix. Songs like this would usually elicit a brutal response from me, but they’ve managed to keep it cool and calm by adding a curtain of synths and lead melodies to balance out the heat from the effects. Quite impressive!

“Flintheart glomgold” follows with a strong My Bloody Valentine vibe. A great hypnotic earworm that made six minutes go by without a bump or hitch. It starts with a punchy intro, swells with intent in the middle while guided by a cool rhythm section to its climax. One of their smoothest songs. 

The EP ends with “So many lights”, a slow-burn that feels suspended in anti-gravity, one that calls back to the space-themed roots of their debut. An end that gave me a couple of goosebumps and shivers.

If any of these seem even remotely interesting to you, Gloomchurch is definitely worth checking out. matching luck goes by so seamlessly that I’d even recommend giving their debut a go while you’re at it. It doesn’t take much time to know that this brilliant church of gloom is worth the price of admission.

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