Floral – Floral LP

Floral’s first full length album is here! Simply named Floral LP, the math rock duo of Nate Sherman and Ty Mayer invites us to peer into a Kaleidoscope of brilliant guitar riffs interspersed with constantly changing rhythms and mind-boggling progressions. Their longest offering so far, Floral keeps the genre fresh with their upbeat and cheerful style. Listeners will surely enjoy trying to keep up as the tracks can shift from relaxing to incredibly tense at every step of the metronome.

We start with “2015”, a fitting intro as ambient sounds open the curtains and we’re slowly invited to sit down on a Persian rug and enjoy what’s to come.

“The Good Song” gets the energy going, and the band’s skill is at full display. They do just about everything here, from elaborate tapping runs to the flourishing changes in tempo. This track best represents the whole album, a headliner that says ‘here’s what you’re in for’.

“Maybe Not One Day” is a vertigo-inducing stop and go journey that will keep you on your toes. The song is restless and hesitates to move into a consistent theme,  which represents its title very well.

“Ebullient” is a standout track, the quiet breakdowns in between sections make this one really fun. Listeners get moments of reprieve in between the boiling guitar riffs and the drum fills, you’d keep waiting for it to slow down again, and when it does it’s really satisfying.

In “80%” the song is on the attack, there are parts in which the guitar and drums argue, insisting on taking the spotlight but still stringing the other along. The track ends in a resolution that’s like a breath of fresh air. 

The last track “Saturday Night” ties up the whole experience. The song is a weaving web of threads at the start but at the halfway mark the drums take a backseat. Both guitars come in and things start to go mellow, as mellow as math rock can possibly get. Sending us off to a perfect weekend.

If I could describe the music of this album succinctly, it’s like taking out all the colors you know and putting them in a mixer, except Floral manages to keep the colors recognizable, each note has a reason to be there, given the equal care that it deserves. It doesn’t turn into gray mush.

What’s really impressive is how they managed to create something that sounds so full with just two members. Ty even plays both drums and guitar on a live set, the madman!

This album showcases what instrumental math rock has to offer. It has the range of expression that Free Jazz has while maintaining the precision that only the nerdiest genre in rock can offer. Technical prowess meets artistic flair. Floral has their own unique style that stays true to the name of the band. The songs are oddly soothing, and although there is tension always waiting on the edges, every song manages to resolve on a positive note. 

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