Flasher – Constant Image

Flasher’s latest album Constant Image is full of brightness and energy. The Washington D.C. trio composed of Taylor Mulitz (guitar), Daniel Saperstein (bass) and Emma Baker (drums) had a very freeform approach to this danceable 10-track collection. With flashes of shoegaze, new wave and 80’s rock imbued their sound, the band is practically genreless. Yet despite this there’s a very natural flow to this record, where everything makes sense and the new sounds and styles introduced by each song feels like a welcome change of pace instead of a jarring leap. All in all it’s bright, catchy and full of creative twists that ensure a smooth listening experience as well as a great way of blending various styles of rock. 

Starting track “Go” starts with a pulsing energy and fervor that channels the feeling of an accelerating vehicle. The initial line “doing drugs in midnight” is a strong encapsulation of the many neon-lit avenues this record passes through. “Pressure” provides that essential 80’s pop vibrance while “Material” and “XYZ” are filled with sunlit hooks that have a constant frenetic energy.

The wealth of ideas don’t stop there, as Flasher still has a lot of tricks up their sleeve. “Who’s Got Time?” is a frantic punk and shoegaze romp while “Skim Milk” is an equally urgent tune full of shuffling rhythms and a main riff that oozes like sweet caramel. Both of these songs are wrapped in a shiny veneer, like 80’s rock tunes modernized with clear and crisp sonic textures. The closer “Business Unusual” is the weirdest track in this record, with undulating riffs full of tension and a tighter space to operate. A lovely saxophone accompanies the final chorus, leading it to a weird yet cathartic ending.

Constant Image is an example of great chemistry from Flasher, as they have managed to bind together multiple perspectives to create a harmonious and rich album. With each member sharing vocal duties, dipping into counter melodies and background harmonies – it just goes to show how comfortable they are with each other. This same energy reflects in their sound, perfect for a record that dives into themes of anxiety and escape. In the end Flasher’s message is clear – to move keep moving forward and and go beyond who we are.

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