Fizzy Cola – Big Baby

Fizzy Cola is the latest EP from the indie pop trio Big Baby, based on Richmond, Virgina. Composed of Ali Mislowsky and Chris Smith on both guitar and vocals and Brandon Iqbal on the drums. This short and sweet collection of songs features fun and engaging melodies, candy-coated tunes and charming lyrics. This EP is like a soda fountain and that invites us into trying out every drink. Each song fizzles in your throat and quenches your thirst on a hot summer’s day. With a combination of loud fuzzy guitars, cheerful vocals and flowing drums, you’ll want to try each one.

Headlined by the song “Cherry Coke”, we take our first sip into the band’s twee pop sound. Led by a soothing guitar riff, the song starts slowly at first but immediately picks up speed after the first chorus. This is where we get the first fizzle. Everything buzzes with energy, forming more bubbles as the cola gets agitated —— foam frothing on top of your ice cold glass. This was the first song written in the EP and it’s no wonder, as it encompasses the sound of the whole collection.

The Subject matter however, can be wistful and lonesome at times. With songs like “Tough” dealing with a disagreement that leads to separation, and “It’s Funny”, detailing a slew of awkward encounters between two people who clearly like each other. The sequence of these two songs reminds me of a will-they-won’t-they trope in a teenage love story. We then come to “Hate U” and things start to fall apart for our two leads. They start to second guess themselves, as our male character starts to lose interest, and our female lead gets fed up. “If this is the end / I’m tired of trying” our female lead sings. 

“String of Pearls” lightens up the mood as it’s about keeping busy while waiting for someone to go home from work. Ali muses about fiddling with her string of pearls plant and spreading peanut butter in bread. “How could I pass the time without you”, she says as she waits impatiently.

The EP ends with “Mid-June”, a nostalgic song where we remember the good old times from a year ago. Ali Mislowsky sings “Mid afternoon in Mid-june / I wish I could go back there with you”.

It’s easy to look at this as just a straight up fun and cute EP, and while it is certainly that, I really enjoyed how the songs blend together to tell a sincere story. The theme is consistent all throughout I can’t get the sugary sweetness out of my mind with every listen. I keep getting reminded of teenage romantic comedies and coming-of-age movies. With its feel good vibes and vibrant pastel colors, together with a nostalgic underlying narrative, you can pick any song from this album and it wouldn’t feel lost in a Wes Anderson film. Fans of indie pop will surely enjoy this array of cool drinks.

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