How do I submit my music to a playlist on Buzzy Band?

Make sure you are registered as a Musician on Buzzy Band. You can do that by clicking HERE. After you are registered click on the playlist you would like to submit your music to and click the submit button. You will be directed to add your Spotify song link.

What are some rules I have to follow to have a playlist published?

Your spotify playlist has to be willing and open to listening and accepting new submissions. If your playlist is focused on only one artist or one record label most likely we will deny it. Buzzy Band is not only setup as a place to discover new playlists but also as a way for artists to get in front of curators who can impact their exposure.

What is a premium song submit?

You can do a premium song submission is you have credits called a “Buzzy.” When submitting a song premium you will get your song moved up in the submission que, a guaranteed 48 hour response time & a two sentence review of your song. There is no limit to how many times you can submit premium songs. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT PREMIUM SETTINGS

How many times a day can I submit song?

You can submit up to 4 songs a day. To submit more please purchase buzzies.