Fantømex – Consent Agenda

Are you sleepy but still need to be awake to do some stuff?

Since most of us are still under quarantine, do you miss saying the sentence “woaaah, there’s so much happening right now”? 

Or do you just want some good music to listen to?

If you answered yes to any of my questions above then you should check out the debut album of the indie math punk band Fantomex, entitled “Consent Agenda”. This album consists of 11 tracks that would definitely challenge your earphones, headphones and speakers.

As an opener, “Yesterday Is Dead” brings amusement with Abigail Taylor’s sharp vocals. This song opens with a 15 second fuzzy guitar strum that seemingly says to its listeners “WAKE UP!”.

Followed by their second track “Bad Brakes” which is opened by a post-hardcore male vocal which gives an element of surprise. This song was followed by the tracks “Martha’s Favorite Color”, “Starbender” and “Postcard from Space”. These three songs have punchy and complex drum beats as their flagship element. They also have erratic vocal melodies that highlight their front man’s impressive vocal range.

“(Interlude)” marks the halfway point of this album. Again, another surprise has been thrown on our ears because after 5 tracks of chaotic sound, this band gives us a much slower and smooth sailing 6th track. The vocal harmonies in this song match the acoustic arrangement infused with some subtle electric guitar riffs. This is the shortest track in this album, and I wish it was longer.

Their 7th track “The Ballad of Black Phillip” gives us a shift of mood, introducing their heavy driving bass, drum beats and guitar loops. Its alternate playful male and female voice add to its flavor. Their intonation and conversational type of melody here was executed very well.

Followed by the tracks “Age of Man”, “Cinderella” and “Morning Glory”, high notes harmonized with deep somnolent male vocals are more often in these tracks which stirred up some memories from the earlier era of Paramore.

Their 11th and last track, “Two-Face (Words of Comfort Reserve for the Wealthy)” have lesser high notes, prominent mid-tempo drum beats and guitar strums. Its chorus goes phase shift with faster tempo while its bridge gives unexpected and yet smooth turn. Ingredients for a perfect song for your next playlist.

This album shows how Fantomex became adventurous in their sound. It’s diverse, heavy and gives a lot of fast rhythms. I really admire the sharpness, playfulness and range of their vocals which really matches their psychedelic and energetic arrangements.

Let’s all hope that we can hear more of this band in the coming months. For sure, they still have a lot to offer.

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