En Attendant Ana ‎– Juillet

Parisian indie-pop band En Attendant Ana has released their latest LP, Julliet, and there’s no better soundtrack to take with you to a road trip on a warm summer’s day. Named after the month of June, the album is full of bright jangly guitars, coupled by a restless moving pace and picturesque soundscapes. Something to keep you company through the ups and downs of your journey. You can’t help but be charmed by Margaux Bouchaudon’s elegant accented voice, nor can you help but be entranced by their shifting rhythms and colorful riffs. While each song stands on its own, there’s an overarching theme that ties it all together when played from start to finish. We follow a character who is desperate for an escape, away from the troubles of her current situation.

On “Do You Understand”, Bouchaudon stresses her need to get a grip on her situation. The exhilarating drums carry on an urgent note as she struggles to keep herself afloat. “Somewhere and Somehow” is a hypnotic tune that will keep you nodding. It won’t take long before its carefree hook gets stuck in your head: “I’ll carry on no matter what / So what’s the point of being so sad.” The next track “In / Out” is a carousel of pastel colors and bubblegum flavors. The Playful melodies and festive horns are a delight to the senses as Bouchaudon sings about lovers that have come and gone.

We get a change of pace in “From My Bruise To An Island”. The band takes us to a Cathedral, with its dreamy reverb and chorus of voices. There’s a cinematic flair to the whole arrangement. An epic adventure where we’re finally out of town and into the countryside, enjoying its scenery in peace.

The darker shades of Julliet are nestled at the back end of the album. “Enter My Body (Lilith)” is riddled with discordant harmonies. Bouchaudon sings about changing her own look, a  desperate call to slip away from the troubles that chase her. On the carrier single “Words”, the drums get punchier, the vocal delivery gets tinged with angst and a spacey synth haunts the air. A song that touches on the struggle to deal with hurtful words.

The closing song is a relief from all the conflict, leading us to a triumphant redemption. “The Light That Slept Inside” suggests that we all have strength inside us that we can harness. Things may be bleak at the moment, but we’ll always have the means push through.

Whatever your current mood is, Julliet is one of those albums that’s sure to make you feel better. Each track is arranged carefully, and none of the vibrant colors are lost in the lo-fi muddiness. Each emotion cuts through and is sure to take your heart with it.


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