Covet – Technicolor

Covet’s latest album technicolor packs a strong emotional punch and solidifies the band as one of the best in the scene. It has the virtuoso-guitar instrumentals you expect from any math-rock group, but what sets Covet apart is how their compositions are more emotionally charged. While other groups put technicality at the front and center — flooding each track with elaborate riffs and arpeggios on top of shifting odd rhythms, Yvette Young and the gang focuses on melody, creating a more organic development of moods and emotions. But that is not to say that this album isn’t technical at all, as Yvette has more talent in her pinky finger than most guitarists. Covet is simply out there to make music that could make you feel, and all the theory and finesse is simply a means to reach that goal.

Take “good morning” and “predawn” as an example, where radiant riffs are slowly sprinkled in with atmospheric glowing synths. It evokes that early morning feeling of seeing the sunrise while the scent of coffee fills your senses.

The melodies of “atreyu” follow a tightly woven narrative. It’s light and bouncy warmth showcases the positive mood that’s prevalent throughout Covet’s discography. Focusing on cleaner and lighter tones, where its peers in the genre gravitate towards darker shades.

It’s not all sunshine however, as “nero” starts off with a tight and hesitant urgency. With bouts of aggressive punches and heavily distorted breakdowns by the end. In “ares” we get to see Covet at its most restless and troubled, with each instrument seemingly at odds with each other — each one vying for space but never managing to dominate the others. This track reminds us of the chemistry between the band. David Adamiak’s bass and Forrest Rice’s drumming blends so well with Yvette guitars like a tightly orchestrated unit. 

Another highlight and first in technicolor is Yvette Young’s vocals in “parachute” and “farewell”. As if she’s not diverse enough with compositions on the piano and violin, she graces us with a voice that’s as light and colorful as her guitar tone. Each of these songs carry a very refreshing message, that of never giving up and how things will get better soon.

My favorite is “odessa” which I feel is the height of Covet’s songwriting. It’s atmospheric joy in a tight package, with chilling synths and effervescent violins. It bridges the gap between a contemporary classical piece and a rock song. Stretching the boundaries of guitar music and what it can accomplish. 

Covet is one of those bands that get better every album. If you’re looking for something to challenge your ears or just want to feel happy, technicolor is the perfect listen.


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