Category: Surf Rock

GRMLN – Morning Star

GRMLN is the solo project of Yoodoo Park, a Japanese-American songwriter who was raised in Southern California. After debuting his

High/Low – Cyclops

HIGH/LOW is a fuzz-centric grunge band formed by Steve Weston in 2011. What started out as a demo project has

YOWL – Atrophy

The latest EP from YOWL is interesting in its layers of depth. Somehow the band has managed to create lush

Hotel Lux – Barstool Preaching

Hotel Lux is not your ordinary band, from the spoken-word lyrics to the wry and often deconstructive humor, there’s something

Surf Rock is Dead – Existential Playboy

Existential Playboy is the latest record from New York’s Surf Rock is Dead. The band specializes in an energetic mix

Rey – The Thing About Everywhere

Modern events have required us all to stay indoors. This means we have limited time to spend on the beach,