Category: Punk

Soy City Stranglers – Black Deuce LP

Soy City Stranglers play fast and aggressive rock and roll. It’s hard to find any cracks in the game of

Powerwasher – The Power of Positive Washing

The Power of Positive Washing is the debut album from Powerwasher, a punk outfit hailing from Baltimore and Atlanta. The

Ultra Q – In a Cave in a Video Game

In a Cave in a Video Game is the second release from Ultra Q. This EP was recorded and mixed

Margaritas Podridas – Margaritas Podridas

There comes a time in every music fan’s life when they discover a band that sounds so good that they

Alien Boy – Don’t Know What I Am

Portland quartet Alien Boy crafts a heartfelt LP that expresses the anxiety of identity, loneliness and relationships in “Don’t Know

Meat Wave – Volcano Park

The latest release from Chicago punk trio Meat Wave may just be up there with the best rock records I’ve

Mannequin Pussy – Perfect

Mannequin Pussy has been through a lot since their previous release. The onset of the pandemic came just after they

N0V3L – Non Fiction

I’d never thought I’d use the phrase “mournfully danceable” to describe an album, but I guess these are the times

Bug Seance – Erasing

Bug Seance provides a carefree, melancholic and youthful blend of hardcore punk and emo in their latest EP Erasing. The