Category: Indie Rock

Cub Scout Bowling Pins – Heaven Beats Iowa

Robert Pollard from Guided by Voices had a packed 2020, dropping three full lengths over the course of the year.

Soft Kill – Dead Kids R.I.P. City

Soft Kill’s latest album Dead Kids R.I.P. City is a special one. It’s a record that’s a tribute to a

So Cow – But What Has That Done to the Scores?

So Cow is an indie rock outfit led by Brian Kelly. The band has had a storied history over the

Fearing – Shadow

Shadow is the debut release from Oakland, California’s post-punk/darkwave outfit Fearing. Released via Funeral Party records where they previously released

Hypoluxo – Hypoluxo

You have to try really hard to not get hooked on Hypoluxo’s self-titled third LP. The sound is compelling right

Poster Children – New World Record

New World Record was released in 1999 and finds Poster Children back to indie roots, with no detriment to the

Poster Children – Daisychain Reaction

Daisychain Reaction is the third full length release from Poster Children, which was produced by Steve Albini. It first came

Poster Children – Flower Plower

Poster Children is one of the most prolific indie bands from Champaign, Illinois and has released eleven studio albums through

Bled Tape – Spun Love

Bled Tape is the project of Chicago’s Francis Shannon, who’s been steadily releasing and evolving his style of indie rock