Category: Indie Rock

Petite League – Joyrider

The cover art of Petite League’s fifth album, Joyrider depicts a red car driving through a mountain road. Below it

Wombo – Blossomlooksdownuponus

A kaleidoscope of sounds and colors comprises the latest album from Kentucky’s art-pop outfit Wombo. Blossomlooksdownuponus is a tapestry of


Brooklyn Indie rock darlings The Drums released a compilation of b-sides and remixes of their classics in their latest album

Koalra – Into the Everything

Portland’s Koalra pushes their blend of noise rock and shoegaze yet again with their latest LP Into The Everything. This

Camp Trash – Downtiming

I’d describe Camp Trash as midwest emo with an overall sunny disposition. If not for their nostalgic lyrics and distinctly

Snacking – Painted Gold

Florida indie-rock outfit Snacking released their new EP Painted Gold on February 8th, 2021. The five-piece has seen a transition

Poster Children – Grand Bargain

By the end of their reunion tour in 2016 commemorating the reissue of their 1990 album Daisychain Reaction, Poster Children

GRMLN – Morning Star

GRMLN is the solo project of Yoodoo Park, a Japanese-American songwriter who was raised in Southern California. After debuting his

Groupie – Ephemeral

Brooklyn punk duo Groupie released their debut album Ephemeral in early 2021. A culmination of the band’s efforts after their