Category: Indie Pop

Camp Trash – Downtiming

I’d describe Camp Trash as midwest emo with an overall sunny disposition. If not for their nostalgic lyrics and distinctly

Sleepy Soul – Hazy EP

Minneapolis based indie pop Sleepy Soul released Hazy EP in 2020. For a relatively new group, this has to be

Alien Nosejob – Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud

Alien Nosejob is the solo project from one of Australia’s busiest musicians in Jake Robertson. Robertson has his handprints all

Hypoluxo – Hypoluxo

You have to try really hard to not get hooked on Hypoluxo’s self-titled third LP. The sound is compelling right

Shelf Life – Flawless

Scotty Leitch is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, sound engineer and a mainstay of Philadelphia’s indie and DIY scene. Over the years

They are Gutting a Body of Water – Destiny XL

Philly’s They Are Gutting A Body of Water creates an exploration of shoegaze with strong underlying connections in their second

Pardoner – Playin’ On A Cloud

Pardoner is a San Francisco-based noise rock outfit that deserves more attention. If you’re looking to sink your teeth into

According to What – A Time You Felt Insecure Around All Your Friends

According to What is a Wisconsin based band who impressed listeners with their debut EP Punk songs to Hold Hands

Chain – Chain

Chain is a self-titled debut released by Portland’s Jigsaw records. This is a short album consisting of 9 songs that